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What's Xbox Live?

Xbox Live is a network platform for the popular gaming system Xbox. Xbox was created by Microsoft Corporation as yet another way of providing humankind with even more digital entertainment.

Xbox Live enables people to play their favorite games, pitting them against other players online. With Xbox Live you can download demos of games, full games, check out trailers and much more. They allow you to pick your own nickname which they call a "Gamer Tag" and this is your identity in the Xbox Live online universe within all the games you can play. They allow you to make new friends and keep them in a list so you can play your friends any time just by selecting their gamer tag.

Free Xbox Live Gift Cards

Once you own an Xbox gaming console you will definitely want to have access to Xbox Live. You'll need to either purchase an Xbox Live gift card or use our Xbox Live code generator to get a free Xbox Live code. We are able to provide our visitors with free Xbox Live gift codes because we operate a vast network of GPT (Get-Paid-To) websites and the profits from advertisements hosted on these websites allow us to give back to our visitors. Simply put, when profits are substantial we buy real Xbox Live gift cards and distribute the codes via our many website outlets like this one.

Watch Out For Fraudsters and Scam Artists

You don't have to look very far to find a bunch of scam websites claiming to offer free Xbox live codes but in fact they don't offer anything but a headache. You can usually identify these fake scam websites by their lack of proper english especially. These sites will have loads of automatically generated content meaning a software automatically writes a very garbled up article on their website resulting in terrible grammar. There is no shortage of these types of websites, they look legitimate when in fact they are a ruse.

Why Give Away Xbox Live Card Codes for Free?

That's a great question! Why on earth would we just give away free Xbox Live codes? What do we have to gain from it, after all, nothing is free in this world, right? Wrong! While we know it seems obvious that we would be just another run-of-the-mill scam, the fact is that we're absolutely not.

It boils down to the fact that we run an extensive network of websites which display advertisements using the CPC, CPA, and PPD marketing verticals. The ads we display are always non-intrusive and generate revenue for our team to continue doing our great work. Our business model generates a healthy stream of revenue from a great many websites and when that money is excessive enough, we simply buy Xbox Live gift cards from legitimate authorized retailers and give them, yes, give them away through our fan pages and our discord. We host the codes on this website but we make the announcement to our fans when new Xbox Live codes have been purchased and added to the website.

To summarize, when funds permit us to do so, we purchase digitally delivered Xbox Live cards from authorized 3rd party vendors in bulk. As a way to "give back" to our visitors since without them we couldn't generate any revenue or create and manage this business model, we provide free Xbox Live card codes. We do not acquire our Xbox Live card codes in unethical ways. It is completely legal.

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